Component Video & Audio Transmission

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Component Video to HDMI Converter with Local loop MS-YH01

Model: MS-YH01

Convert Component Analog Video (YPbPr) + Analog Audio/Digital Audio to HDMI. This converter allows older analog devices to be integrated seamlessly into the modern home theater.  It also takes analog stereo audio/digital audio and encodes it onto the HDMI signal for the full HDMI video and audio effect.
This product converts the Component Video signal to HDMI at the resolution of the component video source. If the component video source is set to 480i, 720p or 1080i, 1080p, then it will convert to HDMI at the same corresponding resolution.
  • Convert Component Video (YPbPr) & stereo/digital (SPDIF) audio to HDMI display.
  • Built in local component video loop output with stereo/Digital (SPDIF) audio.
  • Encodes analog stereo audio or digital audio onto the video signal for HDMI video and audio.
  • Supports HDTV resolution up to 1080p.
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Input Signal

YPbPr(1920x1080 Max), stereo audio /digital audio

Video Input Connector

Y (75Ω, 1.0Vp-p), PbPr (75Ω, 0.7Vp-p)

Digital Audio Input

SPDIF RCA, 75Ω x 1

Video Output Signal

HDMI A type connector x 1

Power Consumption


Power Supply

DC 5V  2 Amp


Operation: 0 to 55ºC, Storage: -20 to 85ºC, Humidity: up to 95%

Dimension (mm)

140 x 95 x 32

Weight (g)


Front and Back Panel View